Sell your story.


Q. How do I sell my story ?

Click on the HOW TO SELL YOUR STORY tab and then complete the submission form at the bottom of the page.

Or you can simply telephone us direct on the number at the top of the page.

Q. What happens after I have sent in a story?

We will contact you, to find out more about your story.

Q. Why should I talk to Front Page News?

When you sell a story, you need to talk to the right people, who know how to deal with the media and get the best deal for your story.

Q. Who will write my story?

We do.  One of our experienced journalists will carefully write your story and this will be read back to you, for final approval.

Q. What does it cost to sell my story?

Nothing, it’s FREE.  You are not charged for our service.

Q. Who pays Front Page News?

The Newspaper or Magazine pays us for writing the story.

Q. Who pays me?

The Newspaper or Magazine pays you, as per the agreement you sign with them.

Q.  When do I get paid for my story?

You will be paid usually 4-6 weeks after publication. This will be specified in your contract with the newspaper or magazine.

Q. Can I remain anonymous, when I sell my Story?

YES. You can remain anonymous, if you so wish.  A story will be worth much more if the person providing the story is willing to be identified.

If not, that’s fine.  We will make sure that you are not identified.